Constantin – Barbara’s friend


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– Hello Constantin! First of all we would like to thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to talk to you! First question is about your job. We did some research on you and we found out that you are a Global Digital Director at L’Oreal Paris. Can you tell us what is your job about?

Basically I am responsible for content creation and talent when it comes to social media communication of the brand. In other words, I ensure that each piece of content that we co create with the girls narrates the brand’s story and values in a way that our online community appreciates.


– How did your journey with L’oreal started? According to what we know after graduating from school in UK you moved to Paris, was it due to your cooperation with this company or did it just came out later?

So indeed, I studied International Management at University Of Bath, UK. Within the frame of my studies, I had to do a 1 year internship in a french speaking country. As you might have figured out by now, I do love the fashion & the beauty industry and Paris is not so bad a city to live in, is it 😉 So after applying to more than 50 brands and fashion houses, I chose L’Oréal Paris where I was lucky enough to be spotted by the president of the brand during my internship and eventually got offered a full time job once my studies were over. The funny thing is that I was the last person in my studies to get an internship but the first one to actually end up getting a job haha. So one lesson here: never give up fighting for what you believe in, one day or another the right opportunity will come.


– Doing our research on you we found out that you’re quite a polyglot! You speak English, French, Italian, Greek and Japanese. We’re impressed! How did you learn so many languages? Can you share with us some usefull tips for learning so many languages?

– The secret is to start speaking as many languages as possible when you re young and your brain is still fresh. Also, growing up I was only watching american TV series with no subtitles (SETC, Friends, Buffy etc) that’s why when people meet me now they think Im a native American I guess, way too much tv back then (no Netflix at the time). With my french the fact I was in a french speaking school in Greece did help a bit. Italian and Japanese are two languages that I find accoustically beautiful, so I started learning at uni as side course.


– In polish culture it is impolite to ask someone about their age, but we are so curious that we can’t help but ask you this question – how old are you? When do you celebrate your birthday?

Hahaha politeness is overrated. I was born in 1990s so if you do the math right, you will figure it out my age I am sure 😉 And I came to this world on the 19th of March 🙂


– The truth as old as the hill is the fact that siblings love to argue! How was it with you and your brother, George? Did you guys fought a lot in your childhood?  What’s your relationship with your brother at the moment?

Well, we are indeed very different characters but the older we get the more time we end up spending together. At the end of the day we share more than enough: an interest in arts and cinema, theatre, the same parents, same DNA as well as the same love for cheap horror films and home delivery.


– Do you have any paparazzi issues due to the fact that you know some famous people? Did they ever tried do pull out some private information about your famous friends from you?

I wish I had more issues with them! Indeed there are times where they try to extract info as to where the girls are and where will they go or even had some very inappropriate questions about their personal life which I find outrageous. Respect is a precious word these days. But of course, their work is valuable and creates buzz around our girls’ image, so thank you paps 🙂


– As you probably know we also have a few questions about your friend, Barbara. First one and the most important for us, fans is how did you guys meet? And since when do you know each other? Do you remember your first impression  of Barbara?

Haha I was expecting this would come. I met Panda 3 years ago during the Miss Punky shoot she had a blonde wig on and I was in awe immediately of her angel face. She has a natural talent to be in front of the camera and act like nobody else. Also she seemed to enjoy pizza, selfies and iced tea so I knew we would eventually get along 😉


– What’s your favourite way to spend time with Barbara? Do you like hanging out in the restaurants or clubs where you can meet fans or paparazzi or do you prefer to stay at home watching movies?

Our time is aways short as our industry moves all the time and way too fast. So whenever we do have time and happen to be in the same city, a wild night in always sounds like a wise plan unless we are on location such as Cannes or Vegas, here going out is kind of a must. Especially if Soojoo is in town too 😉


– When will we see you Constantin as an ambassador of L’oreal Paris? 

I hope very soon cause I won’t stay young forever and there’s many competitors already knocking on my door. If only..


– Thanks again for giving us an opportunity to ask you these questions! We’re honoured and what’s most important- polish fans will be delighted!